B&k/1660 - Boat Anchor Manual Archive - It seems to be common to connect negative and ground, if you want a positive reference above ground. Readme Instruction Manual for the B&K Precision Model 1660 Triple Output DC Power Supply. Compliments of an unknown contributor.

Equipment List Farwest Aircraft Or you can connect positive and ground, and then get a negative reference to ground. Manual Milling Machines 1 Bridgeport. 1 Globe Vertical Band Saw with Power Feed 1 Wells. 1 BK Precision 1660 Triple DC Power Supply 1 Tenma.

BK Precision 320 Watt 30 Volt 2 Amp DC Power Supply Used I recently acquired a used BK Precision 1660 triple output power supply. We have Used BK Precision 1660 320 Watt 30 Volt 2 Amp DC Power Supplies available. Thousands of model numbers in stock. Sell your test equipment to us.

Model 9129B, Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply - B&K. Upon powering it up, I did some basic voltage checks. The 9129B is an economical triple output linear programmable DC power supply. Model CC545 General Purpose Power Supply Accessory Kit provides most everything one. IT-E151 Instruction Manual. B&K Precision Corporation © 2017.

Model 1687B, 300W-360W Switching Bench DC Power Supplies. On both the master and slave outputs, voltage between positive and negative terminals were correct. I'm somewhat new to these things but something tells me this isn't rht I would expect there to be zero voltage between positive and ground, and also zero voltage between negative and ground. The B&K Precision 1685B, 1687B, and 1688B switching mode DC power supplies provide various confurations of hh output voltage or hh output current in.

Used Triple Power Supplies used- However, on the slave output, I actually measured 0.25V between the positive terminal and ground, and also -0.25V between the negative terminal and ground. The way I understand it, the power supply sets up a potential difference between the positive and negative terminals. BK PRECISION TRIPLE OUTPUT DC POWER SUPPLY 1660 MAXTEC. PS280 & PS283 Laboratory DC Power Supply, Operator Manual Tektronix.

Power supply - Voltage between ground and positive / negative. The ground terminal is simply connected to earth ground. I recently acquired a used BK Precision 1660 triple output power supply. You can get the manual here k7jrl.com/pub/manuals/b&k/1660.

Bk precision 1660 power supply manual:

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