Pages - Audit-Manual - North Carolina State Treasurer Reporting: See State Administrative Manual (Sections 7930, 7951, and 7975) Collateral: See Government Code (Sections 16520-1650-16612) Even though this report is prepared and submitted once a year, it is the departments responsibility to ensure that the deposited funds are adequately collateralized throughout the year by working with their financial institution and the Treasurers Office to ensure compliance. The Local Government Commission is providing the Audit Manual for. of available sources on governmental accounting and financial management and.

Department of State Treasurer Policy Manual for Local Governments. To provide collateral as required by law, departments shall instruct their financial institutions to submit form STO-TD-011B to the STO, Centralized Treasury and Securities Management Division and ensure that the appropriate Safekeeping Agreement is in place with the STO, Collateral Management Section. Department of State Treasurer – Policy Manual for Local Governments. Section 30 Cash and. Continuous Monitoring of Safety and Soundness of Financial Partners. 41. Part V – Accounting and Reporting Requirements.

Accounting Manual for Public School Districts in the State - OSPI Approval: See State Administrative Manual (Sections 19462, 19463, and 8002) Departments (including agencies) may be authorized either by statute or by approval from the Department of Finance (Finance), Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit (FSCU), to deposit moneys not under the control of the State Treasurer (Treasurer) in banks outside of the centralized State Treasury System (CTS). Sep 1, 2010. Authority for the Accounting Manual is provided under WAC 392-123-010. operating results and financial needs to the state Legislature, the. Treasurers, and the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative.

Local Fiscal Management - North Carolina State Treasurer Departments that have statutory authority to deposit state moneys in banks outside the CTS without Finance approval should adhere to the conditions prescribed by the Director of Finance and must notify the Treasurer by letter stating the name and location of the bank, amount, source, and purpose of the funds to be deposited, and the type and term of the deposit arrangement. Welcome to Local Fiscal Management! Fiscal Management monitors fiscal and accounting standards prescribed for local governments and. Audit Manual.

State treasurer's manual of fiscal accounting:

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